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Holistic Skin Care,Hair Removal, and Energy Healing in Seattle WA

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Victoria Alexandra


Victoria Raisky-Anderson 
is a holistic esthetician, and founder and creator of Nurture Ritual.

She was born in the Ukraine, and moved to the USA when she was in her late teens. 
While living in New York City she had discovered her passion for Holistic Skin Care and has been advancing in this industry for now over 19 years.

Initially, Victoria studied at the renowned Lia Schorr Skin Care Institute in New York; after this she launched a successful practice both private and collaborative with various New York spas and wellness centers. As she continued to develop her style which focuses on clients as individuals, not just their skin; and working with all organic products, Victoria became a voice in the world of Holistic Beauty. Her work was mentioned in many magazines and online publications, such as Allure, Healing Lifestyles and Spas, Time Out New York and Satya Magazine. 

Seattle studio


Eventually, after relocating to Seattle, WA and having spent many years working as an esthetician and researching various skin and body care lines, Victoria became inspired to create her own line of all natural skin care. These products are not just another cream you put on, but an experience, a journey of the senses. They go hand in hand with Victoria's holistic approach to skin care and helps her in an effort to teach people the art of nurturing themselves. Thus “Nurture Ritual” was born.

In addition to being a holistic esthetician, Victoria is also a certified healing arts practitioner. She received her certification both at the Body Talk Center in New York City and through her studies at the Rocky Mountain Academy of Healing Arts in Utah. Her journey as a healer started when she was just a kid, and continues to evolve to present day. Her goal is to help each individual empower themselves in everything they do and to reach their highest potential in life.​

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